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Great Expectations: M&A Deals Making in the Renewable Energy Sector

Due to the decrease in the profit margins companies need to find new ways to improve efficiency and return on investments as well as new income flows. Consumers expect a bit more from vendors. They require more and more «green» energy solutions which should be both consistent and available at fair prices. Meanwhile, states attempt to adapt or revise their energy policy to allow the sector to satisfy the demand, and to support the energy sector, and to address issues associated with the climate change.

Against this backdrop, we may have access to a comprehensive set of opportunities. The revolution in renewable energy offers the process production and consistent energy distribution at fair prices. The energy sector in some countries is now in a period of consolidation, and in yet others small and agile vendors enter the market steadily. Since 2010, the number of deals in the energy sector grows each year and continues to grow. In 2017, 406 agreements were concluded for the amount of 40.1 billion euro worldwide. Respondents expect that Germany will receive the largest percent increase in M&A activities in the nearest 12 months. Respondents consider it as European country they will probably invest to.

As to subindustries, 43% of respondents have agreed that in the nearest 12 months the largest percent of M&A will be observed in the wind energy sector, followed by the hydraulic power (39%), photovoltaic energy (16%) and solar energy (1%) industries. Meanwhile, less applicable technologies, such as biogas, will be neglected.

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