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Analytical digest

ASIA_tech No. 7. June - July, 2019

Most materials in this issue are devoted to the analysis of the Chinese experience of using technologies in various fields — from bikesharing and electric vehicles to tracking systems, collecting personal data and providing social rating. Expert opinions on many issues, however, differ: on the one hand, there is an opinion that the «big brother» helps Chinese citizens to restore public trust, on the other hand, Chinese civil servants strongly oppose the use of artificial intelligence in monitoring their activities and financial transactions. Obviously, even in Chinese society, not everyone is willing to put up with total surveillance and loss of privacy.

At the same time, the US-China trade war continues: there is strong pressure on Huawei, both in the US, where companies and the top manager of the jury issued an indictment on the theft of technology, and in Europe, where the launch projects of the company were under threat. 5G networks.

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