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Analytical digest

ASIA_tech No. 4. October, 2018

Russia-China law society along with Lomonosov MSU Center for Asian legal studies presents the October, 2018 digest.

Asian countries are rapidly developing some industries in the struggle for dominance in high-tech and financial markets.

China continues to implement the «Made in China 2024» program, and its plans and successes are well versed in the South China Morning Post’s series of publications.

Hong Kong publishes a regulatory framework for regulating the activities of cryptocurrency exchanges and crypto funds, intending to build a large cryptocurrency hub. The crypto-businessmen of China are on the list of the richest. HTC announces its first blockchain smartphone. The regulators of Dubai and Singapore conclude agreements on cooperation in the sphere of fintech.

This review also presents interesting publications made by researchers on the assessment of the potential Chinese influence on the Bitcoin network, the ethical use of artificial intelligence technology in the legal sphere, and the technical structure of the social credit system in China.

Please find more details in the digest.

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