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Analytical digest

ASIA_tech No. 3. August-September, 2018

Russia-China law society along with Lomonosov MSU Center for Asian legal studies presents the August-September, 2018 digest.

American companies do not leave plans for expansion to Asian markets. Facebook builds its first Asian data center, Alphabet opens an unmanned auto store in Shanghai, concludes integrates Android into the vehicle systems of the Japanese-French alliance car and (in the face of Google) develops online services for the Chinese market.

Some countries of the region are working out the rules of internet services regulations, as well as the protection of personal data. The proposals of regulators sometimes aren’t understood by market participants: after critical reviews of the bill, India agreed to take the time to refine it.

China creates new Internet courts in Beijing and Guangzhou, invests in the creation of technological infrastructure in Russia and calls on leaders in AI to rally and act together.

At the same time, despite the statements of Chinese officials about the openness and willingness to work together on future technologies, the media are giving new details on how China uses the social credit system and modern technologies to implement the Orwell / Zamyatin anti-Utopia for an individual category of its own citizens — and without any doubts is preparing to supply the technologies for export to other countries that badly need support for «social stability».

Please find more details in the document enclosed.

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