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Analytical digest

ASIA_tech No.2. July, 2018 (2)

Russia-China law society along with Lomonosov MSU Center for Asian legal studies presents the July, 2018 digest.

Amid the growing trade war American IT giants are looking for opportunities to strengthen their presence in the Chinese market: Apple is launching a project to establish a «green energy» fund, and Google, as the media reports, is ready to give up corporate principles and integrate censorship tools for its return to China.

China is reaping the first fruits of the «Made in China 2025» program — the explosive growth of electric vehicles startups — and also testing new cases of AI application (from unmanned submarines to coffee shops and entertainment).

At the same time, dualism among IT giants is finalized, showing the rating topped by companies from the US and China.

Hong Kong continues to actively analyze the innovation in the banking sector and announces the first step on the road to smart banking — the publication of an open API framework.

Against this backdrop, Japan stands out prominently, pursuing a strict policy of regulating the sharing economy services, as a result of which the development of the sphere is significantly slowed down.

Please find more details in the document enclosed.

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