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Зелёная экономика и международная торговля: на пути к устойчивому развитию
Analytical digest
Green economy and international trade: On the path to sustainable development
The ’Green economy and international trade: On the path to sustainable development’ report regards green economy and international trade in green products as factors stimulating sustainable development in the context of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
Обзор итогов XXVIII Международного финансового конгресса
Analytical digest
Outcomes of the XXVIII International Financial Congress
The Roscongress Foundation has published a summary of the outcomes of the XXVIII International Financial Congress. The descriptions of the sessions were prepared by finance specialists of the St. Petersburg State University of Economics who provided expert and analytical support for the Congress. The publication contains detailed descriptions of key discussions.
Россия: специальный доклад Headquarters Magazine
Analytical digest
Russia: Special Destination Report 2019 by Headquarters Magazine
The special destination report prepared by Headquarters Magazine with support from the Roscongress Foundation reveals the attractiveness of Russia and its specific regions as destinations for meetings and events.
Итоги ПМЭФ - 2019
Analytical digest
Outcomes of SPIEF 2019
Experts of the socially oriented non-financial development institution Roscongress Foundation have published the outcomes of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2019. The publication lists key issues on the global and Russian medium-term agendas which were formulated following the Forum.
Россия — Африка: долгосрочное торгово-экономическое партнёрство
Analytical digest
Russia and Africa: Long-Term Partnership in Trade and Economy
The report prepared by the Roscongress Foundation in collaboration with the International Trade and Integration Research Center (ITI) specially for the first Russia—Africa Economic Forum gives an overview of Africa’s role in global economy and of the trade relations between Russia and Africa.