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«Зелёные» мероприятия: вызовы и возможности
Analytical digest
Green Events: Challenges and Opportunities
This issue of Open to the World, a special edition produced by the Russian Convention Bureau (RCB), describes recent trends in sustainable territorial development, enumerates actions to be done in order to preserve the environment, and tells the readers about ecological projects and green technologies in Russia. Also, in this publication the Russian Convention Bureau introduces regional passports, a new product that it has developed, and presents a summary of the passport of Kamchatka Territory as an example.
Russia through a lens
Analytical digest
Russia through a lens
The 13th issue of Russia Through a Lens, the analytical journal produced by the Deloitte Research Centre in Moscow, falls under the Research Centre’s monitoring activities.
Analytical digest
RIAC FORECAST 2019–2024: ARCTIC 2024
The publication by the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) provides an overview of climate change in the Arctic, raises the issue of the limits of the continental shelf in the Arctic Ocean, and studies the political and military situation in the region.
Business Guide. Национальная технологическая инициатива
Analytical digest
Business Guide. National Technology Initiative
This specialist supplement to Kommersant was published jointly by the Kommersant Publishing House and the Russian Venture Company (RVC). The supplement assesses the progress of the National Technology Initiative in Russia and summarizes interim results produced by technological innovations.
ASIA_tech № 5. Январь - февраль 2019
Analytical digest
ASIA_tech No. 4. January - February, 2019
The fifth issue of Asia tech news and analytics digest prepared by Russia-China law society with the support of Lomonosov MSU Center for Asian legal studies.
Ключевые выводы и решения по итогам ВЭФ-2018
Analytical digest
Outcomes of EEF 2018
The slogan for the 4th Eastern Economic Forum in 2018 was ‘The Far East: Expanding the Range of Possibilities’.