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Housing and Utilities

Policies, technical adoption and practices that relate to housing and utilities sectors and efforts to modernize facilities,  increase energy efficiency and reduce energy intensity, and moderate costs.
Synopsis on the topic
Provision of Technology Transfer at the National Level
The paper analyses the concept of technology transfer as the main element of scientific and technological development. The relationship of technology transfer with basic and applied research is defined. The tools of forecasting as a means of analysis and planning of scientific and technical development, as well as the position of the Russian Federation on technology transfer are considered.
Private Investments into Housing and Communal Services: Problems and Solutions
The article analyzes the problems of housing and communal services in the Russian Federation in terms of private investments, without which further development of the industry is impossible. International experience is briefly covered, the stages of development of municipal services in modern Russia are given, issues on the way of private investments are revealed, and ways for their resolution are offered.
Обзор рынка жилищного строительства России
Overview of the Housing Construction Market in Russia
This publication by EY examines possible implications of the upcoming regulatory changes, reviews key indicators of the housing market in Russia, and analyzes the impact of the new mechanism of project financing on the construction sector.