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Policies, practices, human capital, technologies and strategies that are reshaping the sector, with particular attention on how this underpins economic development.  
Synopsis on the topic
Synopsis on the topic
Place Of Power
Russia has developed an entire system of significant international conventions and exhibitions attended by influential politicians, business people and opinion leaders from more than 190 countries. Forums are a great opportunity to get acquainted and establish business contacts, a good chance for young executives to prove themselves at their best. In turn, the regions that host the events get a boost to their economic development.
Зачем инвестировать в событийную инфраструктуру?
Analytical digest
Is the event infrastructure worth investing?
The third special edition of Open to the World, a publication by the Russian Convention Bureau, presents answers of leading experts of the event industry to the question asked in the heading of the publication.
Harnessing a hectare
How a tale of lost love became the start of one man’s life’s work.