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Digital technologies as they impact all spheres of human life,  determine the rate of economic development and the competitiveness of goods and countries in the world arena. Issues relating to a comprehensive development of these technologies and an expansion of the sphere of their application.
Synopsis on the topic
BCG Review (ноябрь 2019)
BCG Review, November 2019
The November issue of BCG Review, a Russian-language publication of Boston Consulting Group Moscow, is focused on the formation of digital economy.
Regulation on the Internet: Protection of the Personality or Limitation of Freedom
Freedom of access to information and the protection of users from «toxic» information on the Internet — where to draw a reasonable line? The article deals with the regulation of activities on the Internet. Analyzed the types of conflicts, their sources. Analyzed foreign experience of Internet regulation. It describes the problems with the regulation of the Internet in our country and suggests ways to solve them.