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Supply chain management

Policies and practices to the management of goods and services component supplies, leveraging skill and technological differentiation across multiple borders, to provide cost effective products in multiple markets. 
Synopsis on the topic
“Made in China 2025”: How Beijing is boosting its semiconductor industry
The article published in South China Morning Post (Hong Kong) describes the current trends in production and consumption of semiconductors globally and tells the readers how China intends to raise the output of its semiconductor industry fivefold as part of the «Made in China 2025» plan.
«Аккумулятивный эффект»: рост производства лития и кобальта приведет к падению цен на них
"Accumulative" effect: growing production of lithium and cobalt would impair their prices
Rechargeable battery metals market: 2022 forecast made by Analytical Credit Rating Agency (ACRA).
Будущее цепочки создания стоимости в автомобилестроении: прогноз до 2025 года
Future of the Automotive Value Chain: Outlook 2025
The automotive industry and all its stakeholders are now in the period which can be described as disruptive and devastating. The detailed study of the future of the automotive value chain involves current and future trends in the automotive industry and impact on the overall value chain.