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Trade policy
Policies relating to the management of import and export strategies as it factors into economic development strategies.  
Synopsis on the topic
Внешнеторговые отношения России и Индии сегодня
Analytical digest
Trade Relations Between Russia and India Today
This publication, specially prepared by the Roscongress Foundation and ITI for the 5th Eastern Economic Forum (EEF 2019), explores current trends and nuances of the trade and economic relations between Russia and India. The authors demonstrate that the potential for collaboration between the two countries needs to be exploited further.
Indian Record
India is a guest country of EEF 2019, and prime minister Narendra Modi is coming to Vladivostok. In only six years, Russia and India’ s mutual investment will have exceeded $30 billion, primarily due to cooperation in military industry and nuclear energy, where our two countries have successfully engaged in numerous shared projects.
Напряжённость в мировой торговле может перерасти в экономический спад к концу 2019 года
World trade tensions may escalate to economic downturn by late 2019
ACRA presents its Russia 2023 Economic Outlook Update and Alternative Scenarios prepared in the context of increasing global trade tensions. In this publication, ACRA also analyzes factors that influence catching-up growth in middle-income economies, including Russia.