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Building and construction

Policies and practices, that are reshaping the sector, with particular attention on innovations in materials and financing.
Synopsis on the topic
Construction Industry Reform (Switching to New Mechanism of Residential Construction)
The article is focused on Russian national project «The residential and urban environment»: characteristics and main aims of the Project are reflected, the influence of the reform onto construction industry participants is defined and attracting of FDI into the industry is proposed as the instrument of pursuing an goals of the reform.
Обзор рынка жилищного строительства России
Overview of the Housing Construction Market in Russia
This publication by EY examines possible implications of the upcoming regulatory changes, reviews key indicators of the housing market in Russia, and analyzes the impact of the new mechanism of project financing on the construction sector.
Устойчивое развитие, зеленое строительство, энергоэффективность
Sustainable Development, Green Construction, Energy Efficiency
This report by HPBS examines international experience with and government tools for promoting sustainable development, green construction, and energy efficiency.