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Policies, practices, human capital, technologies and strategies that are reshaping the sector, with particular attention on how new forms of distribution are changing business models.  
Synopsis on the topic
Synopsis on the topic
«Российскому футболу надо научиться зарабатывать»
Expert opinion
“Russian football needs to learn how to make money”
President of Zenit St. Petersburg Sergey Fursenko discusses the legacy of the upcoming World Cup, what fans want, and how to reform the way professional teams are funded.
Киберспорт. Все только начинается
E-sports are just getting started
The date is 18 March 2018, and we’re in Haikou (China). It’s the final battle of the World Electronic Sports Games. Millions of viewers worldwide watch their favourite e-sports players via live streams. After a fierce three-round Dota 2 match, Team Russia defeated their Brazilian rivals, earning 800000 dollars in prize money. This is Russia’s most resounding victory in recent years, giving the team top spot in the overall rankings.
Иностранные туристы в России. Предпочтения активных путешественников Китая, Японии, Южной Кореи, Великобритании и Германии
Foreign Tourists in Russia. Preferences of Active Travelers from China, Japan, South Korea, Great Britain and Germany
Tourism not only plays a vital role in the economic growth, but also significantly affects its image as a whole, influencing, among other things, the investment attractiveness. Today there are favorable conditions for the development of tourism in Russia. This is due to increased financial accessibility of travel, development of infrastructure and new directions for both traditional tourism and ecotourism. The attractiveness of many cities and territories is growing due to the preparation and holding of major international events: Sochi Olympics, Youth Festival, 2018 FIFA World Cup.