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Commonwealth of Independent States is an interstate regional organization whose main task is a comprehensive and balanced economic and social development of the states within the common economic space, as well as interstate cooperation and integration.
Synopsis on the topic
Выход экономики Азербайджана из стагнации сопровождается восстановлением нефтяной зависимости
Oil dependence recovers along with Azerbaijan economy coming out of stagnation
This research by ACRA gives an outlook for the prospects of Azerbaijani economy up to 2022 with a focus on attributing its recovery to growth in the mining industry and restored dependence on mineral resources.
Миграционная политика: диагностика, вызовы, предложения
Migration Policy: Diagnostics, Challenges, Proposals
The CSR publishes the report titled Migration Policy: Diagnostics, Challenges, Proposals prepared by the Human Assets function. The report is aimed to depict a current migration situation in Russia, give an assessment of what is happening, and provide main guidelines for future development of the migration policy. Authors offer, apart from their assessment of the situation, methods to solve issues with regard to economic and political status of the State and limitations to social management.