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Labor Market
Measures taken and trends underway that impact the development of labor markets, future trends that will reshape labor and the structure of employment, a rise of new professions and job security.
Synopsis on the topic
Synopsis on the topic
Оценка влияния искусственного интеллекта на экономику
Assessing the Economic Impact of Artificial Intelligence
This report by The International Telecommunication Union employs economic modeling and simulation to demonstrate the impact of AI on the world economy and to identify possible barriers that may hinder rapid AI adoption.
Состояние общеобразовательных школ в 20 крупных городах (2018 год)
The State of the Schools in 20 Major Cities, 2018
This report by Bain & Company, an international consulting firm, studies how schools in major cities worldwide respond to trends, technology and new requirements.
Построение экономики знаний: как теоретические НИОКР поддерживают занятость в высокотехнологичных областях
Building a Knowledge Economy – How Academic R&D Supports High-Tech Employment
This empirical analysis by Milken Institute reveals a direct correlation between research activity in universities and high-tech regional employment.