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Regional development

Policies and practices aimed at ensuring a balanced economic development of Russia's broad range of regions. 
Synopsis on the topic
Prospects of Development of Trade Relations in the Caspian Region for the Russian Federation
The article discusses key issues related to the development of the Caspian region. The main direction of international cooperation in the development of this territory is the intensification of trading activities, which in turn will allow all countries in the region to increase their economic potential. Already today, the Caspian region attracts the attention of investors and in order to further strengthen trade activities, it is necessary to overcome the obstacles that today have a negative impact on the development of cooperation in the Caspian space. Within the framework of a large Eurasian region, the Caspian basin plays a significant role and, in case of successful development of infrastructure in this region, can bring economic benefits to all participants in trading activities.
National Development Goals and Ways of their Achievement
The article examines the country’s acute economic problems and substantiates the need of socio-economic development acceleration, discusses ways to achieve national development goals, and shows that national projects are important, but not the only mechanisms for achieving them. The urgent need for the formation of a full-fledged comprehensive Strategy for the socio-economic development of the country for the prospective period, as well as the available experience in developing strategic documents at the federal and regional levels, have been identified. Attention is paid to the experience of strategic development planning in St. Petersburg. The urgent need to create incentives for business development and the formation of a favorable investment climate has been identified. The article defines methods for enhancing the mechanisms for the implementation of national and regional development projects and programs, including specific methods for achieving the goals, such as conducting continuous monitoring of their achievement, using methods of foresight, regulatory guillotine, triple helix, etc.