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Regional Policies

Policies and practices aimed at economic and social development of regions, spurring higher living standards, increasing the competitiveness of regional economies,  promoting innovation and balanced development.
Synopsis on the topic
National Projects of Russia: Problems and Solutions
The article gives historical insight into application of national projects in Russia and abroad for the development of national economies, analyzes effectiveness of national projects and state programs in modern Russia, identifies a range of problems associated with investment attractiveness of national projects and proposes ways to resolve these problems.
Событийный паспорт региона: Камчатка
Analytical digest
Event Passport of the Region: Kamchatka
Event Passport of the Region is a new product of the Russian Convention Bureau. The project is aimed at attracting international events in key industries to Russian regions based on each region’s distinctive features. As an example, the first Event Passport of the Region — that of Kamchatka — was presented at EEF 2019.
«Никогда Дальний Восток не получал столько денег». Министр РФ по развитию Дальнего Востока и Арктики Александр Козлов о планах по развитию региона в ближайшие годы
Expert opinion
The Russian Far East ever gotten this unding before
On the eve of EEF 2019 , Alexander Kozlov , minister for the development of the Russian Far East and the Arctic, sat down with us to discuss the results of the past few years and went into detail about the ministry ’ s plans for the near future.