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Foreign direct investment
Policies and practices relating to making it attractive and sustainable for foreign Investors to supply capital into a domestic enterprise or poject. The investment may be made either "inorganically" by buying a company in the target country or "organically" by expanding the operations of an existing business in that country.
Инфраструктура и рынки: Дальний Восток
Infrastructure and Markets: Far East
This analytical review by InfraONE, prepared exclusively for the 4th Eastern Economic Forum, analyzes the Far East market of investments in infrastructure and its current state and presents a development forecast for the period of 2019–2021.
Исследование инвестиционной привлекательности стран Европы. Россия 2018
Research of investment attractiveness of European countries. Russia 2018
Foreign investors contributed funds to a record number of projects in Russia.