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Industrial clusters

Attracting and establishing mulitple industrial production operations in proximity of one another giving rise and the expansion of small and medium-sized businesses and job creation.
Synopsis on the topic
Агропродовольственная, туристическая и культурно-развлекательная индустрии: комплексный кластерный подход
Agro-Food, Tourism and Creative Industries: An Integrated Cluster Approach
The aim of this report prepared by UNIDO is to define a theoretical framework to support an ‘integrated cluster’ approach involving agri-food, tourism and the creative industries, which could be replicated in different geographical contexts.
Кластерная политика: достижение глобальной конкурентоспособности. Выпуск 2
Cluster Policy in Russia: Reaching Global Competitiveness. Issue 2
This report presents the results of the first ten years of implementing cluster policy in Russia. The authors study the achievements of national support programs and give a comparative analysis of cluster selection procedures. The publication also provides a comprehensive description of existing clusters.
Advanced special economic zones in the Russian Far East: a secret resource for Asian market growth
Back in December 2013, Russian President Vladimir Putin defined the development of the Russian Far East as a national priority for the 21st century. That was the beginning of the latest chapter in the history of the region, which, since the Tsarist era, has been seen as not just Russia’s window onto Asia, but as the key to the formation of the entire Eurasian space.