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Food Security

Examine the policies and practices so that economies can effectively ensure uninterrupted high-quality nutrition for populations.
Synopsis on the topic
Сергей Михайлов: Рынок ждет рост конкуренции и развитие «нишевых» продуктов
Expert opinion
The market is waiting for competition to grow and niche products to develop
Food security is one of the main components of sustainable development. It must be ensured by introducing the principles of Industry 4.0, regulating the activities of private subsidiary farms, and the overall trend towards healthy nutrition, Cherkizovo Group CEO Sergey Mikhailov says.
«Нельзя стоять на месте и довольствоваться текущим»
Expert opinion
“Don’t allow success to trap you into no longer taking risks”
Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer, Danone, exclusively for SPIEF.
Looking into the future
«With a planning horizon of only three to five years, no serious change is possible. That requires setting goals for decades ahead. It also requires action», says Mars President Valery Shchapov.