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Oil and Gas
Policies, practices, human capital, technologies and strategies that are reshaping the sector and its general impact on economic competitiveness and related environmental concerns. Also exploration of the geo-economic and global market impact on the sector.
Развитие спроса на природный газ в отечественных секторах электроэнергетики и теплоснабжения
The Development of Natural Gas Demand in the Russian Electricity and Heat Sectors
This analytical report is prepared by the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies. The objective of the paper is to define the most important factors shaping natural gas demand in Russia’s electricity and heat sectors, to analyze the extent of their impact, and to reach conclusions on long-term natural gas demand for electricity and heat production up to 2035.
Выход экономики Азербайджана из стагнации сопровождается восстановлением нефтяной зависимости
Oil dependence recovers along with Azerbaijan economy coming out of stagnation
This research by ACRA gives an outlook for the prospects of Azerbaijani economy up to 2022 with a focus on attributing its recovery to growth in the mining industry and restored dependence on mineral resources.