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The National Project “Housing and Urban Environment”

The Housing and Urban Environment national project is designed to increase the volumes of residential construction, to improve the mechanisms for financing this sector, to enable people to move from old inadequate accommodations to modern comfortable apartments and houses, and to carry out urban landscaping measures on a massive scale. Also, mortgage loans must become much more accessible. The project places special emphasis on managing urban environment in small towns and historical settlements. Contests are to be held annually to select the best projects for safeguarding the distinctive features and the culture of Russia.
Synopsis on the topic
Как избежать ипотечного кризиса в России
How to Prevent a Crisis in the Russian Mortgage Market
In this publication, the Analytical Credit Rating Agency (ACRA) offers a comprehensive solution for the development of the Russian mortgage-backed securities (MBS) market which involves issuing transparent multi-tranche MBS.
Новые тенденции в сфере недвижимости. Глобальный прогноз на 2019 год
Emerging Trends in Real Estate. The Global Outlook for 2019.
This report by PwC gives an outlook for the development of global real estate market in 2019. The authors assert that real estate investors are facing a test of nerve as concerns around economic uncertainty rise while, at the same time, they are forced to overhaul traditional business and valuation models in response to rapidly changing consumer demands.
Умный дом. Отчёт Avast о безопасности – 2019
Avast Smart Home Security Report 2019
Avast, a global leader in digital security products, has published a report which details the results of the company’s global study of the vulnerability of smart home devices to cyberattacks.