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National technology initiative

 A set of priority projects and programs aimed at the active integrating Russia into important select future global markets.
Synopsis on the topic
Технологические тренды ВОИС в 2019 году: искусственный интеллект
WIPO Technology Trends 2019: Artificial Intelligence
The report by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) analyzes patent, scientific publishing and other data to review past and current trends in artificial intelligence (AI), while offering insights into how innovation in this field is likely to develop in the coming years.
Business Guide. Национальная технологическая инициатива
Analytical digest
Business Guide. National Technology Initiative
This specialist supplement to Kommersant was published jointly by the Kommersant Publishing House and the Russian Venture Company (RVC). The supplement assesses the progress of the National Technology Initiative in Russia and summarizes interim results produced by technological innovations.
Новая технологическая революция: вызовы и возможности для России
New Technological Revolution: Challenges and Opportunities for Russia
The analytical report prepared by the experts from the Center for Strategic Research (CSR) compares global technological and economic changes with the realities of Russia and the current government policy. It also gives the authors’ views on how to turn the risks of the new technological revolution into opportunities.