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Tax system

Policies and practices relating to the state collection of funds for distribution to meet social aims and state activities.   
Synopsis on the topic
Профицит лёг на счета
Budget surplus saved for the future
The Analytical Credit Rating Agency (ACRA) has published 2018 budget results for Russian regions.
Ключевые налоговые изменения 2019. Налоговые итоги 2018
Analytical digest
Key tax changes in 2019. Tax amendments in 2018
KPMG presents an overview of key amendments to Russian tax legislation which were introduced in 2018 or will come into force in 2019.
Завершение налогового маневра. Эпизод I – демпфер
Completion of the Tax Maneuver: Episode I – The Damping Mechanism
This publication by VYGON Consulting studies the impact of the tax maneuver completion (TMC) in the Russian oil industry on budget revenues, oil producers, refineries, consumers, and the oil refining sector as a whole. The report also analyzes the extent to which the stated goals of the TMC will be achieved.