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Policies and practices aimed at creating and supporting small and medium size enterprises.    
Synopsis on the topic
Stop Moaning Why being pessimistic in Russia is no longer cool
What makes the difference between a successful country and an unsuccessful one? One thing — ingrained faith in the effectiveness of reform. For a very long time, Russia had been a chronically sad country. But things are beginning to change, especially in the world of business. We talked to three entrepreneurs, who are working to build a ‘culture of optimism’ in Russia, each in their own way. Sometimes even without knowing it.
Скрытые сокровища российского сектора МСП
The Hidden Treasures of the Russian SME Sector
According to ACRA, the final validation sample provides a statistical basis for GRASP modelling platform validation, continuous research and confirmation of ACRA’s key modelling assumptions including the SME loan probability of default (PD).
Кредитование малого и среднего бизнеса в России по итогам 2018 года
Russian SME Finance Market 2018
Expert RA, a leading Russian credit rating agency, has published an analysis of the SME loan market in Russia and main drivers of SME lending growth, with possible scenarios for development of the SME finance market.