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Youth policy
Policies and practices aimed at youth development, with emphasis on special characteristics and interests of young people, and what can bring them into a national development strategy.
Synopsis on the topic
Synopsis on the topic
12 технологий будущего
12 technologies of the future
The university as a regional economic powerhouse.
Состояние общеобразовательных школ в 20 крупных городах (2018 год)
The State of the Schools in 20 Major Cities, 2018
This report by Bain & Company, an international consulting firm, studies how schools in major cities worldwide respond to trends, technology and new requirements.
Экономика доверия — ключевой драйвер интеграции Большой Евразии
The Economy of Trust as the Key Driver of Integration in Greater Eurasia
This information report was prepared by IRIAS and the Institute for Economic Strategies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) following the international strategic foresight session The Economy of Trust as the Key Driver of Integration in Greater Eurasia, held as part of SPIEF 2018. The foresight session was focused on forming an economy of trust as the key driver of integration in Greater Eurasia.