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Policies, practices, human capital, technologies and strategies that are reshaping the sector and its general impact on economic competitiveness and related environmental concerns.
Synopsis on the topic
Synopsis on the topic
Кому торговая война, а кому прибыль одна: чёрные металлы сопротивляются падению цен, сохраняя кредитоспособность отрасли
For some – a trade war, for others – profits: Ferrous metals are resisting falling prices, maintaining the creditworthiness of the industry
The Analytical Credit Rating Agency (ACRA) has published its Russian iron & steel industry 2023 outlook.
Russia through a lens
Analytical digest
Russia through a lens
The 13th issue of Russia Through a Lens, the analytical journal produced by the Deloitte Research Centre in Moscow, falls under the Research Centre’s monitoring activities.
Обзор рынка чёрной металлургии (второе полугодие 2018 года)
Overview of the Steel and Iron Ore Market. Second Half 2018
Deloitte CIS Research Centre has presented an analytical report which offers an overview of the global and Russian steel and iron ore markets, as well as a snapshot of the current state of the Russian steelmaking industry based on the sentiments of its participants.