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Made in Russia

Branded campaign and associated policies to promote exports, generate business and propote understanding of culture. 
Synopsis on the topic
National and local branding as a regional development tool
The challenges faced by Russia become more complex every year, requiring changes in the conceptual approach to developing economic potential.
High-tech exports of Russia
RBC jointly with the Russian Export Center, EXIAR and EXIMBANK OF RUSSIA prepared a specialist supplement to the RBC Daily business newspaper, where they presented optimum alternatives of government support for exporters, and also performed an examination focused at exploring the possibilities of exporting not raw materials, but derived products made from domestic raw materials.
Инициативы на местах. Калининградская область
Expert opinion
On-the-ground initiatives. How regional leaders plan to develop business
There are many potential investors among participants at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. The heads of four completely different Russian regions discuss their expectations for the event and what they have to offer business.