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Localization of production

Policies and practices to encourage domestic production  as well as associated strategies to revitalize business activity in targeted cities and regions.
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Российские граждане на себе почувствуют, как жизнь меняется к лучшему
Expert opinion
Russians can feel for themselves how life is changing for the better
Japanese Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry Hiroshige Sekō is the man directly responsible for developing economic relations between Japan and Russia. As a frequent visitor to our country, he shares his views on the prospects for economic cooperation with the Russian Far East, and on Japan’s priorities in the region.
«Будущее за бездымными продуктами»
Expert opinion
“Smoke-free products are the future”
Ashok Rammohan, President of Philip Morris International in Russia and Belarus, tells about innovations that can significantly reduce the harm caused by cigarettes.