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Policies and practices relating to the relatively new digital monetary issuances, that are exchanged and registered based on cryptography - having neither a physical form or a centralized issuer.   This includes an exploration of regulatory necessities, technological developments and market adaptation.
Synopsis on the topic
4Q 2018. Ключевые тренды: криптовалюты и ICO
4Q 2018. Key Trends: Cryptocurrencies and ICO
This publication by Bloomchain reveals main trends in the Russian cryptocurrency market in 2018, as well as its key indicators related to capitalization of cryptocurrencies and investments attracted through ICO.
Концентрация владения криптовалютой в России нивелирует риски для финансовой системы страны
Cryptocurrency holdings concentration in Russia offsets risks for the national financial system
ACRA research is devoted to the analysis of the cryptocurrency market impact on Russia’s financial stability.
Initial coin offering
Initial coin offering
ICO (Initial coin offering) is a form of attracting investments by selling to investors a fixed number of new units of crypto-currencies, received by way of a single or accelerated issue. EY presents a report on ICO.