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Managing threats to digital systems that permiate  contemporary life, including the provision of reliable functioning of the infrastructure of computer systems, data networks, cloud storage and information processing services.
Synopsis on the topic
Synopsis on the topic
Евгений Касперский: «Без международного сотрудничества бороться с киберпреступностью невозможно»
Expert opinion
Eugene Kaspersky: “Fighting Cybercrime is Impossible without International Cooperation”
Eugene Kaspersky, cybercrime expert and General Director of Kaspersky Lab, on the most important phenomenon of Industrial Revolution 4.0, the ‘sovereign internet’ and transparency centres.
Глобальное исследование информационной безопасности 2018–2019: является ли кибербезопасность чем-то большим, чем просто защитой?
EY Global Information Security Survey 2018–19: Is cybersecurity about more than protection?
This report by Ernst & Young is focused on key trends in corporate cybersecurity in 2018. The authors put forward a number of steps which companies need to take in order to counter cyber threats.
Доклад о развитии цифровой экономики в России. Конкуренция в цифровую эпоху: стратегические вызовы для России
Report on the digital economy development in Russia. Competition in the digital age: strategic challenges for Russia
The report was prepared by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development with the participation of the World Bank and presents an assay of the best international practices related to the digital transformation which covers a broad range of issues arising in the digital transformation process in the public and private sectors and approaches of the said sectors development planning strategies in the development strategies for these sectors as a part of the digitizing.