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Managing threats to digital systems that permiate  contemporary life, including the provision of reliable functioning of the infrastructure of computer systems, data networks, cloud storage and information processing services.
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Евгений Касперский: «Без международного сотрудничества бороться с киберпреступностью невозможно»
Expert opinion
Eugene Kaspersky: “Fighting Cybercrime is Impossible without International Cooperation”
Eugene Kaspersky, cybercrime expert and General Director of Kaspersky Lab, on the most important phenomenon of Industrial Revolution 4.0, the ‘sovereign internet’ and transparency centres.
Умный дом. Отчёт Avast о безопасности – 2019
Avast Smart Home Security Report 2019
Avast, a global leader in digital security products, has published a report which details the results of the company’s global study of the vulnerability of smart home devices to cyberattacks.