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Intellectual Property
Intellectual property plays an important part in the modern world and can affect a variety of objects of human activity. An effective system which includes all the stages from patent registration to copyright protection is the basis for unlocking the potential of intellectual property and a powerful driver of innovation, as well as of socio-economic and cultural development of countries.
Effective transparency
The global market for track and trace, which entails the tagging and monitoring of goods, is expected to see rapid growth over the next 8–10 years. This tool makes the market for goods transparent, creating a digital platform for businesses and consumers and helping to build a trust economy.
Кибербезопасность на новом витке: готовимся противостоять киберугрозам
Cybersecurity Regained: Preparing to Face Cyber Attacks
The international survey of EY in the field of information security is devoted to the main challenges in the field of cybersecurity, which companies worldwide face today. The survey captures the responses of nearly 1,200 participants around the globe from over 20 industry sectors. The findings below are based not only on insights but EY extensive global experience of working with clients worldwide to help them to improve their cybersecurity programs.