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Innovation infrastructure
Policies, institutions, technologies and financial support that spur the pace of innovation, and its commercial adoption. 
Synopsis on the topic
Synopsis on the topic
Рейтинг инновационных регионов России: версия 2018
Ranking of Innovative Regions of Russia 2018
In this report, the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia analyzes levels of innovation activity of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation based on the Ranking of Innovative Regions, with particular attention given to regions that are members of the Association.
Национальный доклад об инновациях в России — 2017
National Report on Innovations in Russia 2017
The third report issued by RVC in collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia and the Government Expert Council covers the topic of attracting investments to the innovative sector of Russia’s economy via venture capital market tools.
«Образование – инвестиции в экономический прорыв страны»
Expert opinion
“Education means Investments in the Country’s Economic Breakthrough”
Prosveshcheniye Group President Vladimir Uzun talks about the impact of digital technologies on the quality of education, why professional training attracts investment, and what should be taught in schools of the future.