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Innovation infrastructure
The pace of innovation, as well as the attractiveness of research activities, depends not only on the level of technological development of the country, but also on the conditions that accompany innovation. Innovation infrastructure, represented by research institutes, universities, innovation and technology centers, technology parks and other organizations, provides financial, organizational, informational and consultative support to innovation activities, which increases the effectiveness of innovation and creates the necessary conditions for unlocking the scientific potential.
Финансовые технологии: новые инфраструктурные возможности на рынках капитала
Financial Technologies: New Infrastructure Opportunities in the Capital Markets
Investments in the infrastructure of capital markets in the sphere of financial technologies are growing rapidly. For companies, the key aspect is the attitude to financial technologies not as a strategy, but as a means of achieving strategic priorities.
АРКТИКА 18-24-35
ARCTIC 18-24-35
Russian Arctics is a special site for state management. Its complexity consists not only in climatic, ecological or logistical features, which undoubtedly have an impact on development, but also a very high price of human errors. When developing a strategy for the region, it is necessary to take into account a variety of natural, not just economic, factors.