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While topics such as trade, finance, disease control and certain technologies are global in nature  it has become difficult to reach consensus at a global level on many issues, and in recent years nations have focussed on regional integration, regional intergovernmental associations and regional economic agreements.
Synopsis on the topic
РОСКОНГРЕСС ИНСАЙДЕР. Специальный выпуск по итогам Экономического форума Россия – Африка
Analytical digest
ROSCONGRESS INSIDER. Special issue on the outcomes of the Russia–Africa Economic Forum
In this analytical digest, the Roscongress Foundation summarizes the outcomes of the first Russia—Africa Economic Forum which took place on 23–24 October, 2019 in Sochi.
Перспективы мировой экономики: медленный рост, политические вызовы
Global Economic Prospects: Slow Growth, Policy Challenges
The flagship report published by the World Bank examines macroeconomic indicators and global trends in trade and finance, both at global and regional level. The authors assess the current economic situation and give a forecast for the prospects of global and regional economies.
Переосмысление управления в многополярном мире
Reimagining Governance in a Multipolar World
This report produced by the Doha Forum in partnership with the Stimson Center considers current trends in governance worldwide.