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Policies, practices, technologies and strategies that are reshaping the sector, with particular attention on how platforms engage global audiences and spur economic development. <br> <br> With support from the Russian Convention Bureau<img width="301" alt="CB_logo_eng.jpg" src="/upload/medialibrary/e65/cb_logo_eng.jpg" height="219" title="CB_logo_eng.jpg"><br>
Зачем инвестировать в событийную инфраструктуру?
Analytical digest
Is the event infrastructure worth investing?
The third special edition of Open to the World, a publication by the Russian Convention Bureau, presents answers of leading experts of the event industry to the question asked in the heading of the publication.
Moscow outplays Oslo and Lübeck with successful bid
In July 2020, a conference of the International Planning History Society (IPHS) will take place in Moscow for the first time. One of the most respected business events in the field of urban studies, the conference is held every two years in different cities across the world.