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Policies, practices, technologies and strategies that are reshaping the sector, with particular attention on how platforms engage global audiences and spur economic development. 

With support from the Russian Convention Bureau

Synopsis on the topic
Synopsis on the topic
Управление событийными проектами (форумы, конгрессы, конференции, семинары)
Event Projects Management (Forums, Conventions, Conferences, Seminars)
This publication is focused on the process of organizing events viewed through the lens of project management and will be particularly useful for event industry professionals.
«Зелёные» мероприятия: вызовы и возможности
Analytical digest
Green Events: Challenges and Opportunities
This issue of Open to the World, a special edition produced by the Russian Convention Bureau (RCB), describes recent trends in sustainable territorial development, enumerates actions to be done in order to preserve the environment, and tells the readers about ecological projects and green technologies in Russia. Also, in this publication the Russian Convention Bureau introduces regional passports, a new product that it has developed, and presents a summary of the passport of Kamchatka Territory as an example.