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The  economic and political association of European states seeking to achieve progressive and sustainable development, ensuring a balanced economic recovery of the participating countries, to build a social market economy, to promote employment and social progress, to protect and improve the environment, to ensure scientific and technological progress, etc.
Asia-Pacific as a new zone for global market growth
The global economy is disintegrating into two separate projects: the West and the East. Financial globalization (the Western project) requires a uniform standard for decision-making, whereas industrial globalization (the Eastern project) requires the joining together of diverse interests on the basis of agreements.
Без преувеличений: перспективы Южного газового коридора к 2030 году
Let's not exaggerate: Southern Gas Corridor prospects to 2030
This analytical report by The Oxford Institute for Energy Studies explores potential supply sources, demand issues, transportation problems, and the conditions under which Southern Corridor gas will compete with other supply in the European market.