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Exploring the significant impact epidemics have on demographic and socio-economic situations, and what steps can be taken to minimize the risks of epidemic diseases and  build effective systems of prevention and response mechanisms to health threats.
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Здоровые устремления
Expert opinion
Healthy Ambitions
Kevin Ali, President of MSD International, shares his vision of the future of healthcare: why vaccination is needed, how to win the race with bacteria, and whether it is possible to invent a universal medicine to fight cancer.
A doctor for your body
Anti-ageing technologies are making their way from the laboratory to the market.
Мировая статистика здравоохранения — 2018: мониторинг здоровья для следования Целям устойчивого развития
World health statistics 2018: Monitoring health for the SDGs
A new edition of the World Health Statistics series published by the World Health Organization provides a compilation of the latest health statistics and an analysis of the collected data, linking health-related indicators to the Sustainable Development Goals 2015–2030.