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Export Promotion
Strategies, policies and practices centered on the expansion of markets for domestically made goods and services.
Synopsis on the topic
Synopsis on the topic
Новые проекты в российской нефтегазохимии
New Projects in Russian Petrochemical Industry
The PwC experts have produced an extensive study which aims to reveal how new projects are likely to affect Russian and global markets of large-tonnage polymers.
Расписание событий торговой войны Д. Трампа: новейшие данные
Trump’s Trade War Timeline: An Up-to-Date Guide
This article by The Peterson Institute for International Economics reviews the trade war initiated by US President and tracks the most pressing trade conflicts using the latest available data and presenting the information in the form of timelines.
«Бизнес – это последние конструктивные отношения, сохранившиеся между нами»
Expert opinion
“Business is the last constructive relationship between us”
The US—Russia relationship is experiencing a tough period. In this context, the role of business, which is almost the only constructive channel for communication, is especially important, believes Alexis Rodzianko, President and CEO of the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia.