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Long money
Measurement of the allocation of capital where returns are yielded over comparitively long gestation cycle, indicating an investor confidence in the long term stability of the economy or market they are investing in. 
Synopsis on the topic
Synopsis on the topic
Инфраструктура России: индекс развития
Russian Infrastructure: Development Index
In this report the investment company InfraONE aggregates publicly available statistics on the quantity and quality of transportation, energy, social, housing and utilities, and telecommunications infrastructure and converts these data into an integrated index which reflects the state of these facilities and the level of their development in various regions of Russia.
Российская энергетика вернётся на долговой рынок в 2020-е годы
Russian power industry will return to debt market in the 2020s
This analytical comment by ACRA gives a forecast for cash flows in the thermal generation sector of Russia.
Исследование инвестиционной привлекательности стран Европы. Россия 2018
Research of investment attractiveness of European countries. Russia 2018
Foreign investors contributed funds to a record number of projects in Russia.