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Monetary policy

Management of money supply and general financial stability of markets in order to meet goals for balanced economic growth and improving the welfare of the population.
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Обзор итогов XXVIII Международного финансового конгресса
Analytical digest
Outcomes of the XXVIII International Financial Congress
The Roscongress Foundation has published a summary of the outcomes of the XXVIII International Financial Congress. The descriptions of the sessions were prepared by finance specialists of the St. Petersburg State University of Economics who provided expert and analytical support for the Congress. The publication contains detailed descriptions of key discussions.
Скрытые сокровища российского сектора МСП
The Hidden Treasures of the Russian SME Sector
According to ACRA, the final validation sample provides a statistical basis for GRASP modelling platform validation, continuous research and confirmation of ACRA’s key modelling assumptions including the SME loan probability of default (PD).