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State budgets

Budget planning and allocations and the impact that state spending has on economic and solicial goals and priorities.  
Synopsis on the topic
ДФО — долгосрочно финансировать облигациями
Far East Federal District - long-term debt financing needed
In anticipation of the Eastern Economic Forum — 2019, ACRA and Roscongress Foundation has come up with a research on possible sources of financing for the regions of the Far Eastern Federal District.
Профицит лёг на счета
Budget surplus saved for the future
The Analytical Credit Rating Agency (ACRA) has published 2018 budget results for Russian regions.
Жёсткие бюджетные правила не гарантируют устойчивость бюджетов стран ЕС
Strong fiscal rules in the EU do not guarantee good fiscal health
This publication by the European Rating Agency analyzes the relationship between the strength of the fiscal rules in the EU countries and the compliance with these rules.