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Big Data

The use of modern technologies for storing and processing large amounts of digital data (Big Data) and related methodologies to transform industries and services.  
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Исследование искусственного интеллекта, март 2019
Edelman AI Survey (March 2019)
This study by Edelman provides an analysis of viewpoints on artificial intelligence (AI) by comparing perceptions of the general public with those of technology executives who work closely with the AI technology. The results of the survey show excitement and curiosity yet uncertainty and worries that artificial intelligence could be a tool of division.
Глобальное исследование цифровых операций в 2018 году: "Цифровые чемпионы"
Global Digital Operations Survey 2018: “Digital Champions”. How leaders create the integrated operational ecosystems to develop integrated solutions for consumers
As part of a global study of digital operations in 2018 «Digital Champions» more than 1,100 managers of manufacturing companies worldwide were interviewed in order to identify and study the unique characteristics of these companies which applied innovative approaches to digitalization successfully. Thus, the study provides a practical solution for the transformation of companies into the Top company in the contest of Industry 4.0.