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Некорректный формат электронной почты или телефона
Policies and practices that relate to the development of digitial blockchain approaches, and analysis of the likely social and economic impact. 
Synopsis on the topic
Synopsis on the topic
ASIA_tech № 5. Январь - февраль 2019
Analytical digest
ASIA_tech No. 4. January - February, 2019
The fifth issue of Asia tech news and analytics digest prepared by Russia-China law society with the support of Lomonosov MSU Center for Asian legal studies.
4Q 2018. Ключевые тренды: криптовалюты и ICO
4Q 2018. Key Trends: Cryptocurrencies and ICO
This publication by Bloomchain reveals main trends in the Russian cryptocurrency market in 2018, as well as its key indicators related to capitalization of cryptocurrencies and investments attracted through ICO.