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Issues relating to creating the conditions for the existence and development of charitable giving for solving social problems make it possible to bring social consensus around shared goals.

Section prepared with the support of the Roscongress Foundation social platform

Synopsis on the topic
Social initiatives are on the agenda
The Innosocium foundation for the promotion of social development was created as part of the Roscongress foundation social platform in spring of this year to provide systemic, multidimensional support in addressing Russian social development objectives and to create a bridge between non-profit organizations and the business sector.
Всемирный индекс благотворительности 2018: глобальный обзор тенденций развития благотворительности
CAF World Giving Index 2018: A global view of giving trends
The international charity Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) has presented a report which assesses giving behaviors across the world.
Changes for the better
Increasingly substantive discussions on Russia’s future social structure are becoming the focus of national forums, and the 4th Eastern Economic Forum is no exception.