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APEC is an international economic organization set up to introduce regional trade rules, organize investment activities, as well as economic and technical cooperation, develop infrastructure, and improve the welfare of the participating countries.
Synopsis on the topic
Synopsis on the topic
Международное экономическое сотрудничество в новых реалиях
International Economic Cooperation in New Realities
A special issue of the Asia-Pacific News has been published in the framework of the Russian Business Week held by RSPP (Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs) on 5-9 February 2018 Theme: International Economic Cooperation in New Realities
Опрос руководителей крупнейших компаний АТЭС. Мир в эпоху перемен
Survey of CEOs of the Largest Companies in the APEC A World in Transition
For eight years in a row, the APEC PwC has conducted a global survey of CEOs in the 21 member economies of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), in conjunction with the organising committee of the APEC Summit. The purpose of this survey is to gain indepth insight into a range of issues that business leaders face.