International events

Open Innovations Forum and Technology Show

The Forum was held at the VDNH: the world’s largest exhibit, museum, and recreation complex and one of the most popular public spaces in Moscow.

Open Innovations, Russia’s leading international-level technology convention, offered an exceptional opportunity for communication between innovators, corporations, scientists, industry experts, and government officials, all dealing with the most significant trends in technology and their impact on the economy and society.

The event emphasized presentation and content delivery formats characteristic of global technology conventions: master classes, workshops, lectures, debates, and presentations. The Forum’s central theme, ‘Humanity in the Center of the Technological Revolution’, was explored over the course of five days. Each day was focused on one key aspect of human life that is changing under the influence of technology: productivity, habitat, health, education, and entertainment.

The 2015 Forum also hosted the Open Innovations Show: an international technology exhibition designed for an extremely diverse audience and showcasing groundbreaking technologies in various fields, from robotics and biotechnology to data processing and artificial intelligence.