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The 13th International Real Estate Investment Forum PROESTATE 2019 will be held on 18–20 September at the Congress Park, Radisson Collection Hotel.

The International Real Estate Investment Forum PROESTATЕ is an annual event where real estate market leaders come together to engage in open and constructive dialogue about the most important issues affecting the industry.

The Forum gives participants the opportunity to analyse key issues affecting the real estate market, to exchange experience, gain industry knowledge and learn about new strategies for the real estate development business, to promote leaders and strengthen the company’s image, to show off a company’s achievements and present its services, and to establish new contacts and keep in touch with old ones from the professional community and opinion makers.

We are inviting representatives of federal and regional authorities, leaders of real estate development companies, asset management professionals, representatives of architecture firms, banks, consulting and law companies, as well as members of professional organisations and associations in the real estate sector to take part in the Forum.

Terms of Participation

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Dmitry Shapovalov
+ 7 (495) 651-61-05 ext. 301

Art exhibition:
Nikita Kisel
+ 7 (495) 651 6105

Publicity and media accreditation:
Christina Mirzalieva

Registration of participants in the business programme:
Natalia Romanenko