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25-26 October 2018
Verona, Italy
Speakers and experts
Хармс Михаэль
Michael Harms
Executive Director, German Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations
Sebastiano Musumeci
President of Sicily (Italy)
Alessandro Decio
CEO and General Manager, SACE (Italy)
Marcello FOA
President, RAI (Italy)
Oleg Artamonov
Oleg Artamonov, Unwired Devices LLC, General director, Russia
Gabriele Gori
Vice-President, Head of Audit and Quality, GSK Vaccines
Jurij Kofner
Research Assistant, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (Vienna).
Javier Hurtado Mira
Chairman Democrat Youth Community of Europe – DEMYC (Brussel)
Альвера Марко
Marco Alvera
Chief Executive Officer, Snam SPA