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XI Eurasian Economic Forum in Verona

25-26 October 2018
Verona, Italy

The main themes of the business programme:

• Geopolitical challenges in Greater Eurasia, the need for dialogue to tackle shared challenges; in particular, cyber security, counteracting climate change, and the fight against terrorism and illegal migration.

• Developing trade and economic cooperation in Greater Eurasia, combining the potential of new technologies, infrastructure projects, and support for innovative sectors of industry, including information and digital technologies, the healthcare industry, and the agricultural industry.

• Cooperation is the foundation of energy security in Greater Eurasia.

• Finance: open versus closed markets in Greater Eurasia.

• Prospects for the development of new technologies in banking — blockchain, fintech, and cryptocurrencies.

The event is traditionally attended by ministers of Eurasian Economic Commission, European Commission, political and public figures, governors, ambassadors, heads of the integral corporations of the participating countries, experts, and mass media representatives.

The annual Eurasian Economic Forum in Verona is organized by Conoscere Eurasia Association and the Roscongress Foundation.