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In what will mark a first, the Roscongress Foundation’s Innovation Project Management Directorate is to run a series of closed industry-specific meetings for owners and senior executives in the Russian and international corporate sphere. Held as CEO clubs, the events will focus on the digital transformation of distinct sectors of the economy. The event will be exclusively attended by CEOs and CDOs from major Russian and international companies. Attendance is strictly by invitation only.

The project’s innovation partner is CROC, a new kind of systems integrator. The company has bolstered traditional areas of expertise in building ICT infrastructure with new ones, such as digital consulting to develop a digitalization strategy, organizing a client’s internal transformation, digitalizing separate functions, and developing digital products and services based on customer experience.

Two business breakfasts are planned for 2018: an event for senior executives in the FMCG industry will take place on 27 November, and another for the finance and banking sector on 5 December.

Крис Скиннер.jpg This event will feature Chris Skinner as special guest — author of the bestsellers Digital Bank and ValueWeb, and the man behind, a portal dedicated to the digitalization of the financial market. Skinner will share his views on what the digital future means for the banking sector, and will collect current forecasts from representatives of Russian banks in attendance.